I received a call from the General Manager. He was attending a conference of colleagues and was explaining an issue(s) he was having with his staff. The person he was speaking with was a client of mine who recommended me. The issues included as the GM expressed to me:

  • Process Development
  • Communication
  • Silos (Lack of external Departmental Teamwork)
  • Lack of internal teamwork
  • Fundamental HR issues and training
  • Conflict Resolution

We began by doing a SWOT analysis. We want to know how associates feel about working at that place of business and whether the challenges as perceived by the GM were in concert with what they were experiencing. Indeed, they were and in some cases a lot worse and others not so bad.

We created individual workshops to address the issues and began systematic coaching and personal training where needed. Workshops usually do not work well unless accompanied by a long-term initiative, which we created. The program evolved into more detail with greater understanding. Last year implemented an 8-week leadership development program. This year we are implementing an Intentional Corporate Culture Development program.

The results to this date are less employee turnover, greater productivity, and much happier client/customer satisfaction. This all occurred by resolving the issues above.