The demands of Business are many, and span the entire journey of a company, so it’s no wonder that many of our clients, busy with the day-to-day operations of their businesses, just don’t have time to take on the crucial but time consuming tasks necessary to build the right and enduring culture that will propel their people, teams, vendors and customers into the future. That’s why we offer full-spectrum Business Consulting, completely tailored to your needs. Whether it’s merely consulting on best practices, behaviors, communication or taking on the tasks ourselves, we work together as a team to make sure your business is everything you want it to be.


iPPQ Happiness At Work Survey

Empirical research, involving thousands of people from all around the world, tells us this; that employees who report being happiest at work deliver more, stay longer, are less ill and are great brand ambassadors. Moreover, they love what they do and want to do more if it. So, what drives all this? There are five main components (5Cs) that really matter

Intentional Corporate Culture Development

Culture by chance, or by design? Culture not only has a significant and direct impact on how your people perform, and by extension your results, it’s also one of the biggest opportunities you have to establish a sustainable competitive advantage. Every company has a distinct culture — including yours — but is it the culture you envisioned for your company, or did it just evolve by chance?

Take Flight Learning – Disc Profiles

Bring the power of the DISC behavioral model to the world in a refreshing new way that is engaging, meaningful, and highly-impactful over the long term. Imagine investing in DISC training and watching it transform your culture.

Chameleon Selling

The objectives of Chameleon Selling are to engage participants in a process that develops a better understanding of one’s selling style, awareness of the styles of prospects and customers, improved communication skills, and a commitment to improve sales performance both as individuals and as a team.

ReDISCovering Conflict

ReDISCovering Conflict helps turn conflict into a constructive force to build relationships and solve problems with innovative solutions. Participants will explore conflict in a revolutionary way by looking at conflict through the lens of our personalities.
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