Why innovate?

With increasing competition and globalization, coupled with rapid changes in workforce demographics and technology, innovation isn’t just important, it’s required for survival. Companies that invest in innovation are able to respond to competition and trends, retain current customers and attract new ones, heighten efficiency, improve products and services, retain and hire the best talent, and ultimately, increase profits and drive sustainability.

However, investing in innovation doesn’t just mean spending money on R&D and new technology. You can’t reap the benefits of innovation without investing in the people who innovate! There are core skills that go beyond the technical job requirements if individuals, teams and organization are going to generate new ideas and bring them to life.

The Innovating IDEAs training program will equip your people with everything they need to know to bring creativity and innovation to your organization.

Driving Creativity & Innovation

Innovating IDEAs helps cultivate both creativity and innovation. But what’s the difference?

Creativity is the ability to conceive a novel or useful idea, plan, or solution to everyday challenges. Creativity resides in the internal world of thoughts and is about unleashing the potential of the mind to generate new ideas.

Innovation resides in the external world of concrete actions, services or products. Innovation can be measured, as it implies implementing something new or bringing something new to market. Innovation involves introducing change into a relatively stable system and is concerned with the work required to make an idea viable.

Simply stated, creativity relates to imagination, while innovation relates to implementation. Both of these skillsets are developed in the Innovating IDEAs training program. Participants will learn how to tap into the power of the Eagle, Parrot, Dove and Owl personality styles, as each plays a specific and critical role when moving from the initial spark of inspiration through implementation.

While people with the Parrot style generate original ideas, Owls test them to make sure they are viable. When Eagles offer a 10,000-foot perspective of what they envision, the Doves ground those ideas with timelines and defined roles. By understanding their styles, the team can capitalize on individual strengths, allow each person to shine, and achieve greater success.


This full-day training program begins by cultivating the motivation to create new products, services, processes or technology in the organization. After gaining an understanding of the difference between creativity and innovation, participants discover how each of the four styles plays a role in generating ideas and turning them into reality. They will follow the four birds through two loops of the IDEA model.

They begin by cycling through the Creativity Loop as Parrots Inspire new ideas, Eagles Define objectives and parameters, Owls Evaluate every aspect of the ideas, and Doves Arrange the process with schedules and responsibilities.

Then, they flow through the Innovation Loop as Parrots Involve others to get buy-in, Eagles Drive the process toward completion, Owls Examine plans, processes and actions to ensure quality, and Doves Appreciate individual and team contributions.

Next, participants will experience each phase of the IDEA model through a series of experiential exercises that bring the model to life. These activities generate emotion and drive long-term retention and application. If the group is an intact team or department, they can even plug one of their real-world challenges into the model and use it to create ideas and develop an implementation plan.

Finally, Innovating IDEAs participants will apply creativity and innovation to the team or company by discovering ten forms of organizational innovation, such as: cultural, business model and disruptive. They will examine how the four styles drive each type of innovation and how their own style makeup impacts creativity and innovation within their team and organization.

The Innovating IDEAs Profile

Prior to attending the session, participants will complete the online Innovating IDEAs Profile.

When they receive their personalized report at the training program, they will discover:
• Their major contributions to creativity and innovation within the team
• When their creativity is likely to fl ow and become inhibited
• Their tendencies when generating new ideas and transforming them into something tangible
• When they experience frustration during the brainstorming and implementation phases
• What prompts them to buy into or reject new ideas
• How others may perceive them during the creative and innovative processes
• Dos and don’ts for dealing with each style during an innovation project
• What each style is likely to overlook when creating and innovating


The Innovating IDEAs training program provides the skills and insights to:
• Harness the power of personality to bring ideas to life
• Discover a process that promotes creativity and drives innovation
• Capitalize on individual strengths to create synergy while innovating
• Establish appropriate handoffs during innovation projects
• Avoid the pitfalls that stop ideas in their tracks
• Release untapped creative potential
• Increase the organization’s effectiveness by successfully innovating new ideas

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