Our staff at Foxfire Country Club started working with Gary Eskin during the spring of 2013 and we never looked back. Gary has performed several on-site workshops for our management team and custom tailored each program to the specific needs identified through our SWOT analysis (also administered by Gary).

Whether it is Time Management, Safety in the workplace or any other subject of focus, Gary communicates the theory with ease and delivers how each skill or behavior can be applied in the “real world”. Currently, he is implementing a ‘High Performing Culture’ initiative within the club. Our culture is already good, he is making it better!

We enthusiastically continue our work with Gary, as his knowledge and resourcefulness is paramount to our success in the ever-changing work environment!

Donald Shea, General Manager
Foxfire Country Club – Naples, FL

As a resident and businessman of Cape Coral for over 40 years I have, with only a handful of exceptions, seen no individual with the level of commitment to his clients as Gary. His expertise, drive and dedication to excellence are only over shadowed by his commitment to community and family. With Gary’s passion for his clients and community, I can think of few that have not been touched by his hard work, compassion, understanding and high standards. Gary is someone you want on your team.

Wayne R. Kirkwood, President
Kirkwood Electric, Inc.

Gary has been working with my team on professional development and sales training. I can see the growth and breakthroughs in my team which is helping them to achieve their goals. It has also been a great learning experience for myself and has improved my coaching and managing skills. I would highly recommend Gary!!

Trent Howe, Executive Director
Market Development with the Southwest Florida Market of the March of Dimes

8 Reasons why I endorse Gary Eskin:

1) Gary has been an agent of change. He has been a catalyst personality. He has stimulated our cultural evolution as we aspire to be a Great Place To Work.

2) Gary is a nice guy. Easy to like. Easy to trust.

3) I’ve always wanted a legitimate business reason to have a beer or glass of wine during working hours on Friday afternoon.

4) Gary is sensitive to the moods, feelings, and cultural undercurrent in the company. That’s valuable to me as too often I am not tuned in. I appreciate the heads-up that Gary provides regarding subtle EQ issues that I would potentially miss.

5) Gary is an ombudsman. He often acts as an intermediary (sometimes – when appropriate – without attribution) to bring team member issues and concerns to my attention when they (Fear? Shyness? Intimidation?) are reluctant to come directly to me.

6) Gary is unfiltered. He brings me comments and attitudes that I would not get on my own. Too often people tell me what they think I want to hear. I get a very filtered version of what’s going on.

7) Gary has strong technical skills in Human Resources, safety, and risk management which have been a great help to us.

8) Gary often promotes our company within his circle of influence.

Russell Budd
PBS Contractors